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A4 copy paper


 1. GSM :70\75 \80GSM inweight
 2. Size :A4, 8.5'*11' ,8.5'*13'/14,A3
 3. Brightness:94%-96%,98%-100%,102%-104%

 They aretwoquality :

 1. Mixed wood pulp(featuring ordinaryquality,and ordinarybrightness )

 2. 100% wood pulp (featuringsuper quality,and superbrightness)

 And as forthe super quality, theyare twoqualitywhich dependon the brightness

 1. 98%-102% brightness (superquality ,andsuper brightness)

 2.106%-108% brightness (high super quality,and high superbrightness)

 TheSpec.belowing :

 1. GSM :70\75 \80GSM inweight

 2. Size :8.5'*11' (216mm*279mm),A4(210mm*297mm) ,8.5'*13'(216mm*330mm). parallel to

 the smallerdimension

       Item                                       copy paper ,A4CopyPaper

     Material                                           100% wood pulp

       Size                              A4, A3, Letter size(8.5x11),Legal size(8.5x14)

  BaseWeight                                         80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm

    Whiteness                                         98-100%, 102-104%

     Packing                              500 sheets per ream, 5reams per carton(box)

                                    A4               A3           Letter size             Legal size

                    80gsm      7800reams        3900 reams       8000 reams              6300 reams
                    75gsm      8000reams        4000 reams       8400 reams              6500 reams

                    70gsm      8200reams        4100 reams       8800 reams              6700 reams

                                                 Nojaminphotocopy machine

                                                         Nodouble feed

                                                     Stayflat aftercopying

                                               Leaveno dust inthe copy-machine
                                                Nice appearance-white andclean

                                                 Nice touch-smoothand bulky

                                                 Noseethrough-print bothsides

                   Beendevelopedfor: Photocopy Machines, Laser Printers, Ink-jet Printers, Fax Machines

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